10 Easy Steps To Winterizing Your Boat Before You Store It With Surrey Storage


Having a boat in the summer months can be exciting and adventurous, but storing your boat in the winter months can sometimes be a struggle. Surrey Storage has been helping local boatmen safely store their boats for many years. You’ll also need to make sure your investment is in good running order when you take it to the lake in June. We can help you with that as well.

Here are 10 winterizing steps to perform before storing your boat with Surrey Storage.

1. Prime The Plugs

Remove the flame arrestor, turn-on the engine, and shoot two-cycle oil into the carburetor. Turn off the fuel valve to clear the line. Inject a small amount of oil inside the cylinders. Remove the spark plugs and dip them into the oil, and re-install them. Do not attach the plug wires. apply electrical tape to the end of the plug wires to prevent water corrosion.

2. Fill The Tank

Fill up your gas tank, leaving room for expansion. Add a gasoline stabilizer to your fuel to keep it from contaminating over the winter months.

3. Turn Off The Fuel

Turn off the fuel valve to prevent interior condensation.

4. Replace Filter

Replace the fuel filter, along with the water separator.

5. Antifreeze The Engine

Bleed the engine of all old engine coolant, and refill with new antifreeze coolant.

6. Replace The Gear Oil

Flush and replace any gear oil in the lower unit gear case.

7. Remove The Battery

Unhook and remove the battery. Attach to a charger, once fully charged, store in a dry place.

8. Inspect Your Boat

Inspect your boats propeller, engine parts, steering system and any other important boat part.

9. Clean Your Boat

Use a low pressure hose and give your boat some TLC. Be sure to use a mild soap and a washcloth to clean any surface dirt.

10. Cover Your Boat

You’ll want to keep your boat clean while is is stored throughout the winter.  A large tarp will work well for this; being sure to tie it down tightly.


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