Preparing Your RV for Your Next Trip


Whether your are getting ready for an upcoming camping trip, or setting up for a trip South as a “Snow Bird”,  here is a useful list of pre-trip tip’s to help you get prepared. Feel free to suggest others to us as well and we will add to the list.

Doing an inspection on your RV is very important, not just for safety, but for your comfortable vacation experience. You don’t want to be in the middle of your Alaskan trip on a highway in the woods and find out that your propane tank is broken or that the hose to your heater is damaged and there’s no heat for the night. Take a day, one week before your trip, to go over this list and anything else you can think of.

You’ll thank yourself for it later

Here’s Your Checklist:

  • Propane: Inspect RV propane tank, inspection dates, integrity and content levels, regulator, gauge, connections
  • Vermin: Look for RV infestations: insects, rodents, snakes, wild animals, bees, hornets, wasps, ants and spiders
  • Water System: Check and flush RV water system: flush, drain, disinfect, refill water, and gray tank system and valves, RV water heater
  • Alarms: Check alarms and change batteries in fire alarm, smoke alarm, CO alarm, propane alarm
  • Safety: Check RV fire extinguisher, expiration date, contents, pin intact, tank integrity
  • Battery: Check RV battery: deep cycle battery operation, water levels, charge as needed, clean treat battery terminals
  • Exterior: Check exterior lights, awnings, latches, seals, insulation, jacks, welds, locks, latches and their functionality
  • Engine: Check engine oil, transmission fluid, oil level, air filter, lube linkages
  • AC: Check air conditioner filters (clean if needed,) shrouds for security
  • Venting: Check rooftop units for cleanliness and security
  • Connections: Check your hoses and connections: water hose clean, sewer hose and connections intact, electrical connectors undamaged, surge protectors intact
  • Refrigerator: Check RV refrigerator function, connections, power sources (electric, 12-volt or propane,) exhaust fan switch ON
  • Back Up Power: Check generator
  • Black Tank: Check RV black tank system and valves
  • Tires: Check RV brakes and tires: pressures, structural integrity, hydraulic or electrical controls, brake shoes, lug nuts
  • Emergency: Check RV towing equipment: hitch, hitch ball, tow bar, emergency brakes, chains, lift system, dolly
  • Water Leaks: Check for leaks when you wash your RV. Aging seals can crack or separate, parts can crack when temperature changes expand and contract them. Leaks can destroy the inside walls, fittings, insulation, and integrity of your RV if not taken care of right away.
  • RV Updates: Check for RV recalls: RV and RV parts recalls can be issued at any time, even many years after your model was manufactured. If you aren’t the owner registered with the manufacturer or with any of the appliances or parts used in your RV, you may not receive a notification. Make sure you check for any recalls involving your RV, appliances, or parts.

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